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How The OKOP Show Gained 250,000+ Followers in 3 Months

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OKOP Show LLC started their podcast back in September of 2021. On their podcast, Sam and John entertain viewers by reading and reacting to crazy stories they find online. In addition to the podcast the OKOP Show is active on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube


When OKOP first started their TikTok account in September 2021, with a little bit of skill and a little bit of luck, Sam and John managed to rack up over half a million views on their first ever post. After this initial huge influx of following, their momentum did not stop and at this time Sam and John, thought they were “set” as they went from 0 - 500,000 followers from in 7 months.










However, unfortunately their “beginners luck” eventually ran dry and they hit a growth plateau in March of 2022. After 2 months of trying “every trick in the book”, Sam and John decided it was time to look for outside help if they were ever going to break through this plateau…

After coming to this realization, they announced to their large following via the show that they needed to help. When this was announced, Riley (founder of Wilson Media), who has been a long time fan of the show knew he had some ideas and took action to apply. After receiving numerous applications, Sam and John decided to move forward with the young kid from Tennessee, Riley Wilson.

As Riley joined the team, Sam and John explained to him the problems they were facing:

  • They weren’t retaining followers

  • They had a poor engagement rate

  • Their views were below industry average for accounts of their size

  • They had no time to execute on all the tasks needed to turn this around

02 Beginners luck.png
02 Beginners luck.png
02 Beginners luck.png


As Riley listened to their story, with a pen and paper in hand, he was able to identify weak points in their strategy which was potentially leading to their below average metrics:

  • They had a weak call to action

  • Their marketing “hooks” were too lengthy

  • Sponsored placements were “annoying” viewers

After coming to the conclusion as to what was causing the issue, Riley developed a plan to fix it:

Weak Call To Action:

OKOP’s call to action was too early in the video, which discouraged many viewers from watching the video. In addition to this, many of the viewers who did complete the video “forgot” about the call to action as it occurred moments ago within the fast paced world of social media. Therefore, Riley’s plan was to first move the call to actions to the end of the video, after OKOP had provided value through their content.

Marketing Hooks:

OKOP’s video titles (read aloud in reddit stories) were too long and included too much “fluff” which led to viewers losing interest and scrolling onwards. Riley’s plan was to shorten the titles and hooks by on average 25% without removing key elements to OKOP’s message.

Sponsored Placements:

OKOP’s sponsored placements occurred during the middle of the video which similar to their call to action was discouraging viewers from continuing to consume their content as nobody wanted to watch an ad. Riley’s fix to this was to move their sponsored placements to the end of the ad and, more importantly develop creative ways to tie the sponsored placements into the content so viewers would rarely even realize they were watching an “advertisement”

After Riley, developed these ideas, Sam and John organized a meeting for him to present them. During this meeting, Sam and John were impressed with Rileys work and excited to “give it a try”.


As Sam, John, and Riley executed the strategy, OKOP’s followers began to pile in. Over the course of three months, their page went from just over 500,000 to 750,000+ followers! Gaining around 250,000 followers in three months which lead to massive bottom line growth.

To this day, Sam, John, and Riley continually work together and collaborate as OKOP’s growth has not slowed down.

If you are on social media, and would like to experience the same kind of growth for your personal brand and/or business, click below to schedule a 15 minute intro call with Riley Wilson.

01 500K Followers.png
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